Solar Panel Installation Training Course in Alberta

We are proud to announce that Gridworks Energy is an official CSA Certified Training Organization. One of only 5 Training organizations from all across Canada.

We have developed and adapted our CSA-recognized solar panel installation course curriculum to suit the needs of every type of student, no matter what level of training you seek. Whether you are an engineering professional, architect, electrician, community leader, business owner, MBA, employer, or homeowner, we evaluate your needs in this emerging industry by providing real-world training from professional electricians and engineers with both design and installation capabilities. 

The Gridworks Solar Energy Training Centre prepares entry-level students and professionals of all kinds for this exciting industry in Alberta.

Why Choose Gridworks Energy?

We are Alberta’s trusted solar installation course experts. We have years of experience in the classroom providing the best knowledge and expertise to a wide range of students looking to become CSA certified in Alberta with our solar PV training.

For those wishing to enter the industry by starting their own solar contracting business, we get networking started by introducing you to one of our nation’s largest solar industry equipment suppliers. They will become your solar equipment supplier by setting you up with their easy application form.

The instructors at Gridworks Solar Energy Training Centre have a combined 35 years of experience in the solar energy industry relating to the design, construction, procurement and commissioning of grid-connected and off grid systems.

As a Master Electrician, Randall Benson alone has almost 30 years of experience with solar while 20 of those years have been spent designing and constructing solar energy systems of all kinds.

We deal with AHJ’s (Authority Having Jurisdiction), Inspection Authorities, and Inspectors almost on a daily basis and as a result understand Canadian Electrical Code requirements intimately. We will prepare you for what to expect from AHJ’s and inspectors on your own solar installations. 

We have a thorough understanding of the technology and its mechanical and electrical integration along with all it’s nuances. There are a number of training programs out there but none that come close to matching our industry experience, proficiency, and comprehension. Join one of our CSA recognized courses now. Signing up for our courses has never been easier!

For group registrations of two or more or any other questions, please contact us using the form below.

What is covered in this 5-Day CSA Solar Course?

We cover everything you need to understand to have confidence when installing solar in Alberta and Canada. Not only why renewable energy is the future but hands on training to identify the right equipment, install, test and analyze the PV system, but also give you 2 days with hands on experience to put everything learned into practice.

You can read the entire syllabus for the CSA solar course to understand what is covered.

CSA Solar Certification Information

This certification addresses the need to confirm the demonstrated knowledge, skills and abilities of qualified construction electricians who install and maintain solar photovoltaic power generation systems and equipment for use in settings such as industrial, commercial, institutional, power generation, and residential settings in compliance with appropriate codes, standards and industry best practices.

The Construction Electrician (NOC 7241) Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Systems Certified (PVSC) Personnel Certification has been developed by CSA Group in conjunction with the National Electrical Trade Council (NETCO) and industry stakeholders to provide assurance that an individual possesses the competencies deemed necessary to perform the job function of a Solar Photovoltaic Systems Certified Electrician.

This certification has been developed in compliance with the ISO 17024 standard. ISO 17024 is the global benchmark for organizations operating personnel certification programs, and outlines the methods and procedures required to ensure the objective and unbiased assessment of a candidate’s knowledge, skills and abilities. Passing the PVSC examination will indicate that the candidate possesses the knowledge, skills and decision-making abilities necessary to practice the proper techniques to pre-plan, implement, configure, install, commission, troubleshoot, and maintain Solar PV Systems.

The Construction Electrician (NOC 7241) Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Systems Certified Certification tests each candidate’s knowledge to ensure the candidate possesses the knowledge and skills of a minimally qualified candidate. CSA’s expert committee defines the minimally qualified candidate as follows:

The minimally qualified candidate can perform Solar PV system installation activities without assistance, including (but not limited to):

  • Understand the latest installation methods and technologies.
  • Read, understand and apply standards, codes and manufacturer’s instructions, industry best practices and building science concepts.
  • Utilize the appropriate materials and methods and use and maintain tools required for the proper installation of Solar Photovoltaic Systems.
  • Understand construction documentation including drawings and written specifications.
  • Understand and apply the latest construction and building technologies.
  • Utilize the tools of the trade.
  • Show competence in basic worksite Occupational Health and Safety Requirements.
  • Basic communication skills.

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