Solar Financing Options Available Through Gridworks Energy

You’ve heard solar energy can be expensive and you’re not wrong. Every installation is unique and there are many factors that may increase the cost of the installed system. Some of these factors include:

  • Roof material type and condition
  • Requested percentage offset of electrical usage
  • Electrical service upgrades and additions
  • Monitoring
  • Unconventional roof (multi-story, multi-faceted, etc.)

These factors are increasingly problematic the more you want to offset. When working with Gridworks, our electrical contractors work with you to determine the needs of your specific project, identify design and installation roadblocks, and where you can save money. Long-term, you will see a return on your investment with solar energy and we are here to help.

Gridworks Energy Financing Options

So, how do you help the planet and save money without breaking the bank?

There are a variety of systems, such as grants and rebates, in place by government to ease the load. We encourage you to take full advantage of these, but we understand they don’t help cover the upfront cost before you can even begin to think about a return on investment. To cover these costs we suggest applying for a bank loan or using more unconventional methods such as a family loan, line of credit, or remortgage.


Alternatively, Gridworks in partnership with ATB is happy to offer financing to all of our customers for both installations and training programs, helping you achieve your goals. We provide flexible options including a variety of terms lengths, money down or no money down.

Every solar install is unique—contact us today for a free solar assessment and information about how to finance your next project.