Solar Designs and Installations


Running a business is about controlling costs. Your electrical costs can easily be controlled by installing a PV micro-generation source on your building’s roof, parking lot or walls. Our PV installers and designers are also skilled electricians. With this range of knowledge and training, we are ready to complete a detailed site assessment of your company’s properties to determine the solar resources available. Using this information, a design will be built and tailored to exceed your company’s environmental standards and fall within your budgets.

As a certified electrical contractor we can also help you find efficiencies in other areas of your business including facility maintenance, LED lighting upgrades, rooftop unit maintenance, and equipment disconnections or relocations.


Are you a homeowner looking to offset your current electrical usage and save some money? Gridworks Energy provides free site assessments to produce a detailed survey of the solar resources available to you. With this information, our professionally trained team will design a system that is catered to suit your individual needs.

As a certified electrical contractor we can also help you find efficiencies in other areas of your home including furnace maintenance and energy efficiency upgrades, renovations and new hookups (such as hot tubs, garage services and electric vehicle chargers), and inspecting existing electrical installations to ensure a high-quality of work.


Solar PV installations can be a great way to offset electricity consumption. 

After completing a free site assessment, we will determine the size of installation that can be built on your property and what you can expect to receive in energy credits. 

This includes any grants and rebates that you may be eligible for.

Indigenous Community

Gridworks Energy is an Indigenous owned and operated solar PV design and installation company. 

We believe that the sun’s energy should be available for all to utilize. 

We not only provide our professional services to First Nations communities and Métis settlements; we also include opportunities for local training and employment to these communities.

Solar Panel Systems


Remote industrial sites have long required a need for remote power generation. From monitoring to controls, a reliable energy source is not only welcome but necessary for every day business to happen. No matter what challenges you bring to the table, Gridworks Energy is ready to design, build and install your remote power solutions.


Micro-generation is only one part of our renewable energy diversification. Utility-scale solar PV is a growing industry looking to harness mass amounts of energy to offset the current electrical production sources. Gridworks Energy would be pleased to provide your feasibility and engineering studies while offering procurement, design and installation services.

Installations times can vary from one project to another. For a typical residential installation, once you decide to move forward with Gridworks Energy as your solar energy provider, it takes about week or so to get all the applications and permitting in place. Once complete, we schedule your installation. We require between 3-5 days for a typical residential project. After the installation is complete, it takes a couple more weeks to wrap up the rebates, inspections, and interconnection agreements. All in, a residential installation can be completed inside of a month with the right conditions.

Please see the certifications section on the About Page.

Module warranties vary across manufacturers, but the most common is a 10 year workmanship warranty combined with a 25 year production warranty.

Maintenance is extremely limited. The inverters should be kept clear of dust build up and the modules can be cleaned with a detergent adapter on a hose and a mild detergent once every year or two. Module soiling and snow cover is built into the system design and accounted for early in the planning stages, so no maintenance is required to receive the expected amount of production.

Solar modules have a 25 year warranty, but they are designed to last much longer.