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Installing commercial solar panels is beneficial for businesses, regardless of the industry in which it operates. Not only that, it increases the value of your property.

Investing in a solar system for your commercial space has several positive effects on your business, the community and the environment.

Office buildings, shopping malls, cold storage facilities, factories, and many other commercial buildings within Alberta, whether old or new, will find solar a valuable addition.

Trusted commercial Solar with Gridworks Energy

Whether your commercial property is a single-occupancy office, a large warehouse facility, or anything in between, lowering your energy costs with solar is a smart business move.

This is especially true given the constant fluctuations in the price of energy in Alberta and Canada.

Business owners that are interested in going green with energy from the sun have access to unique financing and rebate options that can result in reduced time to a positive return on investment for their installation.

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How Profitable is Solar for Businesses?

No matter how large or small a business is, while it consumes its electricity, it will benefit harnessing from embracing solar energy. 

Commercial solar systems in Alberta typically have a shorter payback period due to the amount of sun the province gets on average – second only to Saskatchewan. 

Because of the large amount of available roof space on commercial buildings, larger solar PV systems can be installed, making solar energy a more attractive and cost-effective option.

You can bring down, or even eliminate, your monthly electricity bills by going solar. 

Enjoy more savings and decades of profitability while never having to worry about the volatility of electric prices.

You will reduce your reliance on retail electricity suppliers.

The reliability of this source of energy cannot be understated.

On top of that, you lessen your impact on the environment by switching to solar energy on a commercial scale. 

Since today’s buyer is more conscientious than ever about the impact of their purchases on the world, establishing a solid green reputation is powerful.

Due to lower energy costs, commercial tax incentives on solar for businesses in Alberta, and the ability to appeal to green-minded consumers, solar just makes sense.

It really is a win-win scenario.

Why should your business go solar?

Did you know that Alberta is Canada’s 2nd sunniest province behind Saskatchewan? Edmonton in particular receives a whopping 2400 hrs of yearly sunshine!

Why throw away so much solar potential?

Still, wondering if installing commercial solar in Alberta is worth the hassle? Here are a few reasons why solar is the future for Canadians:

  • You can reduce and even cut out a large part of your monthly electricity costs
  • Carbon emissions are drastically cut, helping to fight climate change
  • Protect yourself from electricity price surges
  • Installing solar increases property value on average by 5%
  • With the net metering system, you can get credit for the excess energy you produce and export back to the grid.
  • Help promote sustainable energy
  • The included warranty covers your system for 10-25 years, depending on the manufacturer.
  • Solar panels typically have a 25-year warranty, but are designed to last much longer. You’ll make money for decades to come.

5 Reasons to invest in a Commercial solar system

1 - Certainty in an Uncertain Energy Market

Producing solar energy creates certainty in an uncertain energy market. In Alberta’s energy-only market system prices can wildly fluctuate as supply and demand determine prices. 

In 2020 prices fluctuated as much as 83%, while in 2021 prices fluctuated over 300%

2 - Enhanced Economic Value

Saving money over the long term while creating an investment opportunity. Once set up, your commercial solar system will produce energy from the sun and convert this to electricity that is sold back to the electrical grid if it is not consumed by the electrical infrastructure.

This creates a cheaper alternative than buying electricity from the grid. Not only will your business be partly self-sufficient for energy, but this also creates a passive income for your business as well.

3 - Improved Community Impressions

Installing solar panels displays a commitment to the community and future generations. Being seen as a green and progressive business today has several positive effects on surrounding businesses and communities.

4 - Improved Environmental Impacts

In the past, many have said that they cannot alone change the scenario of increased pollution in the environment. Solar panels have changed this mentality of people. 

Solar PV systems produce clean energy, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and reliance on fossil fuels.
The largest emitting sectors in Alberta are oil and gas production at 50% of emissions, electricity generation at 16%, and transportation at 11%.

By harvesting renewable energy from the sun, the demand for sources of electricity from fossil fuels is reduced while lowering the environmental impact.

5 - Solar Equipment Warranties and Maintenance

Commercial inverters typically have a warranty of up to 15 years that in many cases can be extended. While Solar Panels have a production warranty of 25 years. 

Gridworks Energy will be there the whole way to help with warranty claims. 

Solar panels provide the user with low upkeep. They don’t require much maintenance. Snow losses are minimal over any given year, as low as 0.6%.

Why choose Gridworks energy for Commerical Solar?

We use the best products and deliver the best service

Gridworks Energy is here to help turn solar energy into a return on investment while lowering our overall impact on the environment. 

We provide peace of mind, our first solar PV installation was in 1998, so you know we will be there for decades to come for all your solar needs.

We provide up to 25 years of warranty on modules, inverters and workmanship.

We are proudly 100% indigenous owned and operated.

How to get started with commercial solar panel installations

Gridworks is the one-stop shop for all your commercial solar panel installations in Alberta needs. We are able to carry out all phases of commercial solar PV projects.

Schedule a no-cost consultation to discuss your needs, budget, and the specifics of your upcoming project.

  1. We will do an assessment to determine your suitability for a solar system.
  2. We design the best system unique to your business to give you the most effective solution possible.
    3. You’ll get a proposal that spells out all the advantages and drawbacks of the various options available to you.
  3. Gridworks Energy handles all required applications and permits, grants, and paperwork.
  4. We’ll work together with your team during the installation process to ensure everything goes smoothly. You can rest assured that the quality of solar PV systems we will use is of the highest standards.
  5. We offer a comprehensive warranty backed up by our solid reputation.
  6. You can use our free online portal to track your solar energy output and keep tabs on how much energy your system is producing. 

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How commercial solar power works

Each photovoltaic (PV) module in a commercial solar panel is made up of several PV cells that are connected to one another and mounted in a framework specifically designed for use in commercial buildings.

These photovoltaic cells harness solar energy and transform it into usable direct current (DC) electricity. The inverter, another essential part of commercial solar installation, changes this DC energy into AC current for usage by the different appliances and machines in your business.

Solar energy can be used to power three-phase home appliances. Each phase can be supplied by its own solar inverter, or you can use a three-phase system. Solar panels can be installed either on the roof or on a separate structure on the ground.

If you own a business, solar energy should be your primary source of electricity. If your building’s energy needs exceed what the solar panels can produce, the extra power can be imported from the grid immediately.

This is probably true during the day, when solar panels are producing electricity and there are several appliances running.

Commercial Solar Module Costs and Installation

Costs of Solar Panels have dropped 70% between 2008 and 2020 which equates to 30-45% of the total cost of a solar installation. Globally the cost has dropped by 82% for Solar PV installations since 2010. 

Economies of scale play a major role in the Solar Industry, in most circumstances the larger the installation the smaller the price per watt. Prices, prior to any rebates or subsidies can range from $0.90 to $2.00 per watt.

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Economics of Solar Installations

Strictly speaking, solar energy just makes good business sense. Excess energy exported to the grid yields a credit equal to the consumption price, based on Micro-Generation laws.

This allows your business to earn credits for energy that isn’t consumed and is sold back to the electrical grid. Generating solar power to offset your electricity use from the grid reduces your operational costs and saves you money.

Gridworks provides a simple, easy to understand economic analysis as part of every proposal. This analysis will be tailored specifically to your electricity rates, service type, wires service provider and solar system specifics. Helping you harvest the sun with solar to reduce overall operating costs for your business.

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Gridworks Energy Testimonials

Aaron Stanley
5-Day Solar PV Installation Course
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I took my solar PV course here. I was kinda nervous and wasn't sure if I would be able to finish it, but Randall was the most helpful instructor who was able to keep my attention the entire time and answered every question I had thoroughly without me feeling silly for asking. Wouldn't change a single thing about the company. Gridworks is a blue print of what a company should be! 100% recommend for anything you need! Extremely helpful
Jacob Crane
5-Day Solar PV Installation Course
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I went to a training from Gridworks this past week. Randall and his team were extremely professional and I felt safe during the entire time. Randall’s years of experience in the PV Array industry is unmatched anywhere in the province. I highly suggest utilizing them for PV installation or going through a training to learn more about the industry.
Keith Huber
Solar and EV Installation
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Gridworks did our garage-rooftop solar and EV install in 2017. They did a great job and the system has worked seamlessly over the last five years. We wanted more panels on our home rooftop so we went with them again and they did a great job again. Corey was an excellent project manager and he was always quick to respond when I had questions. They were also great at helping facilitate the application for the municipal and federal rebates. The new system is up and running now and I am really pleased with the outcome.
Jeff Baron
Solar Installation and EV Car Charger
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Grid Works did our solar panel installation and EV charger installation. Everything was very well done and professional. Corey is excellent as the project manager and was very helpful navigating all the applications for rebates that go along with this type of work. Overall very happy with his company. Would not hesitate to recommend to anyone.

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Common questions on solar for businesses

By installing an electric meter you can monitor how much solar energy each tenant is using and bill them accordingly.

The addition of a solar system will undoubtedly increase the value of a commercial property. Not only that, investing in renewable energy gives the image of a green-friendly business and updates the physical appearance.

In Canada, depending on the time of year means you’re building may not use all the solar energy generated on a daily basis. In this case, you’re able to sell the energy back to the grid, increasing the profitability of your commercial solar system setup.

Even if you don’t consume all the energy solar generates, none of it is wasted. The excess energy generated will be sold to your electrical retailer and that energy will be dispersed to your neighbors for consumption.

The more direct and intense the UV rays from the sun, the higher the production of energy produced by solar panels will be. 

There will always be electricity generated as long as there is visible light, though it will be less. 

The amount of energy solar panels will produce depends on several factors, including the weather and general climate of the area your panels are installed.

Depending on the style of building, there are different variations in technology that can be used to improve the effectiveness of solar panels. Contact us to find out the best individual solution for your situation.

No, it is very uncommon that you will notice any interruption when implementing solar panels for your business. The solar power systems we install are grid-connected and do not require batteries.

Depending on the size of the system you can create credits equal to your electricity consumption costs over the year by switching to solar. Keep in mind that most solar setups usually aren’t meant to completely remove your need for the regular electricity grid, but to reduce your reliance on it.

Depending on the size of the system and the amount of energy that it creates in comparison to your consumption, payoff period as well as rebates in place at the time of construction payoff for a residential system is between 7 – 15 years. Commercial systems are between 10 – 15 years. Joining the Solar Club at 25.8 cents/kwh will further reduce your ROI time by a couple of years.

As solar is a long-term investment in your property, any building with a rooftop in good condition has the potential of being a great candidate for our installations.

You can contact us for a free estimate to get more detailed information for your specific situation.

  • Save money every year
  • Increase the value of your property
  • Predictable electricity rates
  • Large tax incentives
  • Gain an ROI quickly
  • Demonstrate commitment to social responsibility
  • Demonstrate sustainable practices
  • Owning and generating your own electricity
  • Reducing daytime peak electrical loads
  • Diversifying the local energy portfolio reduces financial risk

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