Gridworks Energy Solar Services

The best way to reduce your monthly utility expenses, increase the value of your home, and take a proactive approach to environmental responsibility is through solar panel installation.

Solar panels are an affordable, clean, and environmentally friendly energy source for residential and commercial use.

At Gridworks Energy, we are happy to offer you solar panel installation services to lower your monthly energy bill without harming the environment.

residential solar panel installation

Residential solar installations

Home solar electricity is affordable, reliable, and reduces your carbon footprint for residential purposes.

With residential solar panel installation, you can power your home with solar energy and send excess electricity to the grid for a credit against future consumption, cutting winter costs.

Gridworks Energy is a solar specialist with over 20 years of experience supplying homeowners with safe and reliable PV systems.
commercial solar panel installation

Commercial solar installation

Installing commercial solar panels is beneficial for businesses, regardless of the industry in which it operates. Not only that, it increases the value of your property.

Investing in a solar system for your commercial space has several positive effects on your business, the community and the environment.

Solar is a great addition to office buildings, shopping malls, cold storage facilities, factories, and many other old and new business buildings.
solar panels installed

Solar Designs and Installations

Aside from commercial and residential solar panel installations, Gridworks solar installations can also help landowners in remote areas generate large amounts of solar power for utilities and profit.

Our highly trained installers will review and develop a system that fits the following needs: 1. Commercial; 2. Residential; 3. Agricultural; 4. Indigenous; 5. Community; 6. Industrial; 7. Utility

Gridworks Energy Solar Training in Edmonton

Solar Training

Gridworks Energy is CSA-certified. Our program is tailored to every learner, regardless of training level.

We deeply understand your needs in this expanding business and provide real-world solar training from skilled solar panel electricians and engineers who have worked in solar design and installation for decades.

The Gridworks Solar Energy Training Center teaches new students and workers how to work with solar energy.

indigenous solar community Alberta

Indigenous Community and Solar Program

Gridworks empower indigenous communities through solar power by providing meaningful consultation, building respectful relationships, and getting indigenous people’s free, prior, and informed consent before moving forward with business growth.

We not only provide our professional services to Indigenous communities and Métis settlements, but we also include opportunities for local training and employment to these communities.

Get The Best Solar Panel Installation Services

Overall, solar panel installation can reduce your home’s energy usage and power expense while helping alleviate your carbon footprint. In addition, solar provides lucrative benefits such as increasing your property’s resale value and taking advantage of tax breaks.

There’s also no waste since you can give extra electricity to the grid. And with net metering, you can sell this additional electricity back to the utility provider, lowering your bill even more.

Gridworks Energy is a trusted solar panel contractor known for cost-effective solar panel installation services. We offer our full service to residential, commercial, and industrial organizations.

Call (587) 208-6121 or email us now to learn more about solar panels and solar energy. Our experts will be happy to answer your queries.