Indigenous Community
Solar Program

Building Empowered Indigenous Communities Through Solar Energy

Through First Nations and Métis community partnerships, our goal is to build and develop relationships. We bridge the benefits of solar energy solutions and project development through a meaningful, culturally relevant, and traditional approach.

When we work with First Nations and Métis communities, our goal is to help create Solar PV Design and construction autonomy for that community and its members through training and mentorship. By utilizing our extensive training programs for each project, we integrate and produce solar energy programs that add jobs, stimulate economic development, and encourage healing within Indigenous communities. Contact us today to speak to an indigenous solar expert!

Indigenous Grants and Programs

Gridworks is a Indigenous owned and operated company, and we are honoured to help you reach your goals for your community. There are a number of programs available to assist Indigenous communities with integrating solar energy or creating jobs.

Learn about our Alberta Solar Rebates or visit the links below to learn more: