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Edmonton Community Leagues Going Solar

Building a green community for future generations to enjoy

Edmonton’s Westmount Community League is the latest in the leagues to invest in the future of their community, and environment. Proven leaders in community revitalization, Westmount continues to reduce their environmental impact and commit to sustainable practices.

The league is part of a growing number of city ‘Green Leagues’. Westmount continues to demonstrate their commitment to sustainability by installing a solar PV system. The solar array will help off-set electricity costs, cutting approximately $1,600 per year. Furthermore, this will help the league continue to reduce their carbon footprint.

We are proud to be installing the 16.25 KW Photovoltaic (PV) System on the roof of the community league building. The community building will hold an array consisting of 50 modules.

These modules will produce anywhere from 16,000kWh to 18,000kWh of electricity. Reducing electricity bills and carbon footprint is not only good for the league right now, but will have a lasting effect by providing a sustainable future for the community.

Turning to solar makes perfect sense for commercial buildings in Alberta.

The Bigger Picture

In addition to the solar PV system, Westmount community league also provides a community garden and has taken measures to improve their energy efficiency.

As community leagues across Edmonton continue to adopt sustainable initiatives like these, they are not only affecting their own buildings and organizations.

Additionally, they are opening up conversations for conservation, and sustainability. By making these changes and leading sustainability initiatives, community leagues are encouraging their residents to consider their own environmental footprints.

Community members have the opportunity to see what these initiatives can look like. More importantly, is individuals can identify how beneficial these upgrades are, and ways they can follow this lead. We can all make changes to support our future, and protect our planet.

We hope to be a part of your next project! If you are thinking about following in Westmount Community League’s footsteps, we can help. If you would like a free estimate, call us or fill in our estimate request form.