Why Solar Energy is Important for the Future

Clean energy is vital for our future due to the current climate crisis. As a result of the increased burning of fossil fuels, we are seeing more frequent occurrences of glaciers, rising sea levels, dying cloud forests, and struggling wildlife. In fact, greenhouse gases have now reached levels higher than any seen in the last 800,000 years. This is why an urgent need exists to transition towards clean energy sources.

Here are some reasons why clean energy is vital to our future:

Fewer Floods and Droughts

The burning of fossil fuels for energy requires a huge amount of water each year, leading to higher likelihood of droughts. Climate change causes floods, damaging homes, businesses, rendering people homeless and causing fatalities. Given the urgency, there is now a pivotal, urgent call for a paradigm shift in terms of managing countries that are highly vulnerable to extreme weather events, such as India and the Philippines.

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Improved Global Health

We are breathing polluted air in cities and low- and middle-income countries due to human activities like industrialization and transportation. According to the World Health Organization, almost all of the global population (99%) breathe air that exceeds WHO guideline limits and contains high levels of pollutants. The burning of fossil fuels directly causes this, releasing carbon dioxide into the air we breathe.

Economic Growth and Environmental Benefits

Renewable energy sources like solar power also drive economic growth and create jobs. Especially in rural areas where local economies can benefit from the jobs created. Solar jobs are increasing every year as more people install solar panels. Companies cannot outsource these jobs, ensuring their growth every year. Clean Energy Canada predicts that there will be roughly 639,000 clean energy jobs in Canada in 2030.

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Solar energy lowers your utility bill over time by offsetting your electricity usage. Selling any extra energy your solar system produces back to the national grid can give greener energy to others in your community, and also generate income for you. Moreover, the federal and provincial governments offer incentives to install solar panels due to the environmental benefits. Some municipalities also offer incentives or rebates that can help you pay for a solar system or benefit from the energy economically.

Renewable Energy is Better for the Environment

Solar energy systems do not produce air pollutants or carbon dioxide and systems installed on buildings have minimal effects on the environment. Solar power also helps to cut the amount of sulfur dioxide and nitrous oxide emissions because it does not rely on any burning of fossil fuels to function.

Environmentally friendly installation of photovoltaic power plant and wind turbine farm situated by landfill. – Stock Photo ID: 2201000683

Consider Going Solar

At this critical moment, we must choose: continue on a destructive path or protect our planet at all costs. The most effective solution is to halt temperature increases, reduce emissions, and end deforestation. We can make a significant change by considering how we are obtaining and using our energy.

Solar power is both clean and quiet, making it an ideal solution for a better future. By adding solar photovoltaic (PV) panels to homes and businesses, electrical bills decrease and maintenance needs are minimal. Special storage batteries enable the storage of energy gathered from the sun during the day for night or when the weather is not sunny. You can sell this energy back to the national grid, which will give you an income. Additionally, PV cells perform better at low temperatures making this technology perfectly suited to the Canadian climate.


The adoption of solar energy by individuals to reduce their carbon footprint and electricity bills is making it the fastest-growing energy source. To achieve recovery of the ozone layer, purer air, and sustained ecosystems, we need to power the planet through eco-friendly options rather than destroying them.

By switching to renewable energy, we can halt the creation of harmful chemicals, reduce carbon emissions, and cut the need for disruptive mining practices. The future of our world depends on taking active measures today. If many countries achieve their goals, we will be in a world largely powered by renewable energy, and hopefully become carbon neutral, which means countries are doing as much to reduce carbon emissions. Many of us will be using electricity to power our vehicles, and using fossil fuels will be seen as an archaic way of doing things.

If you care about the future of our world and out energy needs, join Gridworks Energy in the fight for a better world by switching to renewable energy today.


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