Solar Company Longevity

Longevity when it comes to solar

What do Microsoft, Apple, Colgate, Gillette, and Kleenex all have in common? No, this is not some joke or pun to start off this blog post, it’s an observation.

All of these companies have been around for decades and earned our trust by creating quality products that we have learned to trust over time.

As the solar industry begins to gain interest from eco-conscious, money-wise consumers, an opportunity is being created in the industry. New solar panel installers are popping up across the country, with over 175 contractors appearing in Alberta in the past 5 years alone.

The problem with this, is the lack of industry experience and potential for a lack in product and service quality. If a customer hires a poor-quality contractor, they may receive a sub-par or unfulfilled product or service. This then reflects negatively on the industry.

Fly-by-night companies are sometimes found in ‘booms’ such as solar, taking advantage of a growing industry. These contractors may lack the experience required to provide the best quality services or may not be able to fulfill their promises. Sure, every now and then an “Apple” will come and challenge “Microsoft”, and they will earn their place in top, trusted companies who will then serve consumers for years to come.

For the most part though, we tend to stick to our selected brands, based on reputation, established trust, and shared values.

To ensure you receive the top service and product quality, we recommend you check into company longevity when seeking a solar contractor to ensure it is reputable and credible.

At Gridworks, we have been leading the solar industry in Alberta for 20 years, and hope to continue teaching, training, and setting the standards for quality services in the solar industry. We know that good work lasts and know your trust in us will last because of it. Find more tips on what to look for in a good contractor here!

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