Solar Panel Installation Calgary

When it comes to installing solar panels in Calgary, Gridworks Energy is second to none.

With 20+ years of experience in this industry, we are a trusted solar contractor who can help you reduce your energy costs and get you a return on your investment as soon as possible.

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The Solar Company Calgary Can Trust

  • Over 20 years of experience in the solar installation industry
  • Works with Tesla, Solar Energy of Alberta, Avetta, Electrical Contractors Association of Alberta
  • We offer warranties you can trust
  • 100% Indigenous-owned and operated

What Can You Expect From Gridworks Energy?

We strive to help you meet your maximum potential and will use our years of combined experience to exceed your expectations. As one of the leaders in the solar installation industry, we place importance on these core values:

Each electrician is equipped with the cumulative experience our company has gathered over 20 years and is able to solve any problem they encounter.

Employees are trained to apply honesty, integrity, and transparency in each project. We strive to maintain professionalism and exceed standards.

New technological innovations signal new ways to innovate our company. We want to stay in up with the latest trends.

We are fully licensed, insured, and accredited with Red Seal and Master Electricians ready to help.

Each home requires a custom solution. No matter the design, we are able to cater to your needs.

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5 Reasons Why You Might Want to Switch to Solar in Calgary

Calgary solar panels

We understand the importance of providing honest and transparent information to our clients, here are a few key advantages you might want to know about from installing a solar panel system:

Economic Savings
The sun is a source of clean power unaffected by market fluctuations, which is why a long-term investment can recover in a few years after its installation. The solar panel system installed by Gridworks Energy won’t need extensive maintenance.

Minimal Environmental Impact
Solar energy production does not generate noise pollution or produce any waste. When your solar panel system is properly installed, you will be helping lessen Calgary’s fossil fuel usage.

During blackouts or voltage dips, a solar panel system can help you maintain power 24/7. With additional upgrades to your system, you can save power during the evening by tapping into unused solar power during the day for off-grid solutions.

Flexible Installation
The installation process for a solar panel system is easy and fast. No matter if it’s large-scale or small-scale, Gridworks Energy has the manpower and experience to help you transition to solar power successfully.

Ideal Sunlight
Calgary has an average of 2,396 hours of sunlight each year, making it the perfect city for solar energy.

Work with Calgary’s Solar Specialist

The city of Calgary is promoting renewable energy sources, supporting the construction of green buildings, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and making the city more environmentally friendly.

Gridworks Energy will help you become a part of that change—take a stand for the future and install a solar panel system for your home or business today!

Home Solar in Calgary

home solar in calgary

Gridworks Energy is here to provide a custom solution to fit your needs. With our home solar installation service, you can power your house with solar energy and export any extra electricity back to the grid. 

Let us help you with increasing the resale value by as much as 5%!

Our two decades of experience speak for themselves. We’re here to help you build a cleaner future for everyone.

Commercial Solar in Calgary


We can provide the highest-quality commercial solar installation in Calgary and help you offset the electricity costs for your business.

As one of Calgary’s best solar contractor services, you won’t need to worry about interruptions to business operations. 

Our installations are quick and efficient, and give your commercial space a reliable supply of power all year.

Gridworks Energy Guarantees You Quality Customer Service

solar panels installation in calgary

We understand your concerns and we are constantly listening to feedback to improve our services. 

Connection to our clients is important to us and we want to become lifelong partners toward a cleaner Calgary.

If you encounter any problem relating to our services, or simply want to inquire about something, give us a call today to see how we can help.

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Drastically reduce how much power from the grid is needed to run your home. We take pride in our work and stand by our installations and services.

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