Installing solar solutions for your residential, commercial, agricultural, Indigenous community, or municipal project is exciting, but it can also be a large expense. Gridworks is proud to offer a variety of rebates to our customers including new clients, farming, municipal, or Indigenous programs. Check out the list of rebates below or contact us to learn more.

For a complete list of all provincial solar rebates and general energy efficiency rebates.

Change Homes for Climate Rebate

The City is offering Edmonton homeowners $0.40/watt, up to $4,000, towards the cost of the system, which covers approximately 15% of the costs of going solar!Newly constructed homes and residential buildings are also eligible for a rebate of $0.30/watt.

With 2,300 hours of sun in an average year, Edmonton is one of the sunniest cities in Canada. Solar panels can supply anywhere from a few percent up to 100% of your electricity, and while electricity only accounts for 16% of the energy used in Edmonton, it produces around 40% of the Greenhouse Gas Emissions.With rooftop solar, you’re not just protecting yourself from the ups and downs of energy prices, you’re reducing the carbon footprint of your home and your community.

Canada Greener Homes Grant

Participants are eligible for up to $5,000 total under the initiative for solar plus an additional $600 for the EnerGuide audit. The portal walks you through the EnerGuide process.

The solar rebate is $1.00/watt up to $5,000 or approximately 20-25% of the costs to go solar!

If you had completed an evaluation prior to December 1, 2020, but made recommended and eligible retrofits to your home after December 1, 2020, you can only be reimbursed for the eligible retrofits and post-retrofit evaluation.

Updates will be provided over the life of the initiative to keep homeowners informed.

Clean Energy Improvement Program

CEIP is a new way to finance energy efficiency upgrades or renewable energy installations. Property owners can finance projects with a competitive interest rate, repayment terms of up to 25 years, and have the option to pay the project off at any time. Repayment is made through their regular property tax bill.

What separates CEIP from other financial products: the Clean Energy Improvement Charge is tied to the property, not the property owner.

CEIP is delivered by the Alberta Municipal Services Corporation (AMSC) in partnership with participating municipalities across Alberta.

Application intake in participating municipalities will begin Summer 2021.

Alberta Municipal Solar Program

Rebates to Alberta municipalities that install grid‐connected solar PV systems on municipally owned facilities or land and complete public engagement for the project. Rebate based on system size and will not exceed 30% of eligible expenses (municipality capped at $1.5 million). Eligible for bonus of $0.25/watt for first‐time applicants (capped at $250,000).