Randall is indigenous (Cree, Iroquois Metis), born in Fort McMurray and raised in and out of the bush with a strong traditional upbringing. He found a passion for solar in the late 1990’s while working in the Oilsands Industry. Convinced, even then, that it was going to be a rapidly growing industry.

A Master Electrician and a Power Engineering Technologist, for the last 20 years, Gridworks Energy has been involved in countless Solar PV projects, Indigenous community solar and training projects, Electric Vehicle infrastructure projects and professional solar design and installation training programs throughout Canada.

One of the first few CSA-recognized solar design and construction instructors in the country, he continues to carry that passion to pass on his knowledge and experience.

Owner - Alberta Solar Pioneer

He has served on committees for the development of the CSA Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Systems Certified (SPVC) Certification (NOC 7241). As an SME he has served and continues to serve in various stakeholder roles across the country with governmental and non-governmental organizations regarding programs specific to the solar industry.


With over 20 years of industry experience, Gridworks is dedicated to offering customers the highest quality solar solutions. Our knowledgeable and highly experienced staff design and construct each Solar Photovoltaic (PV) System to the highest standard. We support our systems throughout its lifetime, ensuring maximum savings and peace of mind.

Each of our systems is developed by our CSA certified designers and installed by certified electricians from start to finish, ensuring a safe and reliable Solar PV System that will produce free electrical energy for decades to come.


We understand that everything about your home is unique. When installing your Solar PV System, we take care to ensure that it not only looks great, but it is safe, reliable and functional. At Gridworks, we provide the whole package—from the endless paperwork and permits required by your municipality or county to the grid-connection application process. Our job is not done until everything is approved and your system is turned on. Whatever the challenge, we are happy to help find a solution that works for you!


  • Safe, reliable, and functional systems
  • We provide the whole package from tedious paperwork and required permits to the grid-connection application process
  • Prepaid Contractor’s License (#347979)
  • Complex Standing Special Flight Operations Certificate for UAV
  • Gridworks Energy Group offers a 5-year labour warranty and full warranty of OEM products
  • Solar PV Modules have a typical warranty of 25 years
  • Inverters have a typical warranty of 10 years or more up to 25 years for a small extra-warranty fee
  • Gridworks Energy Group is fully covered with WCB
  • Gridworks Energy Group carries $5,000,000 liability coverage


  • CSA Certified PV Installer
  • EVITP (Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Training Program)
  • Master and Red Seal Journeyman Electricians

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Solar Energy Society of Alberta