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Based in Edmonton, Alberta, Gridworks Energy services all of Canada with Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Systems from start to finish. Established in 2000, we are one of Alberta’s oldest serving solar design and installation companies.

As a certified electrical contractor, we specialize in the procurement and construction of Solar Photovoltaic Systems, Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure and Solar Photovoltaic Energy Training.

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The technology and design of a grid-connected solar PV system is simple in its architecture, arrangement and appearance. Several components work together to convert the sun’s energy into electrical power that can be connected to a standard electrical infrastructure and utility grid.

At Gridworks Energy, we as CSA designers and installers develop our own systems, consulting with engineers, if required. By designing our own systems, you can be assured the final product suits your individual needs.

Gridworks Energy Testimonials

Aaron Stanley
5-Day Solar PV Installation Course
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I took my solar PV course here. I was kinda nervous and wasn't sure if I would be able to finish it, but Randall was the most helpful instructor who was able to keep my attention the entire time and answered every question I had thoroughly without me feeling silly for asking. Wouldn't change a single thing about the company. Gridworks is a blue print of what a company should be! 100% recommend for anything you need! Extremely helpful
Jacob Crane
5-Day Solar PV Installation Course
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I went to a training from Gridworks this past week. Randall and his team were extremely professional and I felt safe during the entire time. Randall’s years of experience in the PV Array industry is unmatched anywhere in the province. I highly suggest utilizing them for PV installation or going through a training to learn more about the industry.
Keith Huber
Solar and EV Installation
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Gridworks did our garage-rooftop solar and EV install in 2017. They did a great job and the system has worked seamlessly over the last five years. We wanted more panels on our home rooftop so we went with them again and they did a great job again. Corey was an excellent project manager and he was always quick to respond when I had questions. They were also great at helping facilitate the application for the municipal and federal rebates. The new system is up and running now and I am really pleased with the outcome.
Jeff Baron
Solar Installation and EV Car Charger
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Grid Works did our solar panel installation and EV charger installation. Everything was very well done and professional. Corey is excellent as the project manager and was very helpful navigating all the applications for rebates that go along with this type of work. Overall very happy with his company. Would not hesitate to recommend to anyone.

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